Since 1952, a Rigging Supply Company Known for Integrity,
Experience, Knowledge, and Attention to Safety

Since 1952, Coordinated A CERTEX Company has provided quality, durable and reliable wire rope products to industries such as aerospace, marine construction, energy, utilities and oil. In our 65 years as a rigging company, we’ve earned a reputation for integrity, stellar customer service and consistent professionalism.

As the recognized industry leader in rigging supplies, we take our responsibility for the safety of our customers very seriously. If every single wire rope product fabricated and sold is not made or used correctly, it could cause serious injury or worse. Thus, we only use the highest quality domestic and imported products, follow strict fabrication guidelines, and test and certify all of our rigging supply products, as required. The traceability of every wire rope product is vigorously enforced. With the average rigger having over 20 years of employment, and a staff who pride themselves on their technical knowledge, CWR’s customers are assured of rigging products that will stand up to any requirements.

Coordinated also specializes in the repair, sales and rentals of new and used equipment such as winches, tuggers, forklifts, hoists and cranes. CEC Testing specializes in the testing of a wide variety of items: from simple wire rope slings to the highly sophisticated fittings and rigging supply equipment used to launch manned and unmanned spacecraft. Coordinated testing capabilities are unmatched in the world. In fact, the ability of Coordinated to test from eight up to 8,000,000 pounds is unrivaled on the entire west coast. All facilities are OSHA approved and equipment is traceable to NIST standards for accuracy.

Coordinated a CERTEX Company Testing: A Pioneer in Strength Testing Early in the history of Coordinated, we established a policy of functional and strength testing all wire rope assemblies fabricated at our plant. Over time, this led to the continual expansion and updating of testing facilities. Today, we test our own products and provide major rigging supply testing services for a wide range of industrial purposes. We also can accommodate complex and unusual testing requests due to our vertical and horizontal adjustable test beds, load capacity, size of tension, compression and ability to handle flexure specimens.

As a result of our expertise in testing, Coordinated Testing has participated in numerous testing projects with research teams from major industries and government. Many of these projects required unique preparation and fabrication. Thus, we are flexible and experienced in developing specially designed tests, and can apply loads from ounces to millions of pounds. Coordinated is proud to be an approved testing laboratory accredited by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Standards and Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Coordinated A CERTEX Company is also affiliated with Tension Member Technology, one of the foremost and most sophisticated testing companies in the world. TMT performs fatigue testing, cycle testing and destructive and reverse bend testing. By creating and building one of a kind testing machinery for customers, TMT is able to replicate practically any environmental condition imaginable.

Facilities Near Major Ports

Coordinated A CERTEX Company, operates from four locations in San Leandro, Ventura, San Diego and Wilmington, California plus 31 more CERTEX locations across the United States. This close proximity to the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles facilitates strong, beneficial relationships with marine construction, shipbuilding and repair, and container shipping terminals. With on-site swaging and spooling services, and 24 hour emergency response, Coordinated customers know they have a rigging company they can rely on.

Only Coordinated A CERTEX Company offers the world-class expertise and testing services of 35 companies working together to provide you with the best, and most secure, rigging supply solutions.

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spooling-truck-1The Gem of the Port Turns 60

Traveling North or South on Anaheim St. through the Port of Los Angeles, a landmark for many years has been the six story testing tower bearing the words “Testing Facility”. The tower sits on a four block square piece of property and marks the home of Coordinated Wire Rope, Coordinated Testing and Coordinated Equipment companies which are celebrating their 60th anniversary in 2012.

Founded by Stanley Fishfader after WWII, Coordinated A CERTEX Company is an integral part of the history of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The Coordinated Companies bring valuable services and products to the two busiest ports in the United States servicing container terminals, marine towing, marine construction, aerospace, petroleum and many diverse industries.

In 2005 Mr. Fishfader sold the business to entrepreneur and testing guru Phil Gibson, the owner and CEO of Tension Member Technology (TMT Labs) , a world renowned, multifaceted testing laboratory in Huntington Beach, California. Gibson and Fishfader had been friends and business associates for over 30 years and both felt it would be an ideal blend of companies to meld TMT Labs and all five of The Coordinated Companies.

utility-truck-1With locations throughout California (San Leandro, Ventura, San Diego and Wilmington) Coordinated is well positioned to service ports and offshore platforms as well as the entire state with quality products and services. The specialized testing facility provides both static and functional testing on a large variety of lifting and handling components, measuring devices, tooling, hardware, cables, ropes, winches, hoists and more. They have the unique ability to apply loads up to 8,000,000 pounds in both compression and tension.

Coordinated has developed a specialized utility service truck with capabilities to perform on-site functions such as swaging up to 1-1/2” diameter wire rope slings, pouring zinc or resign sockets, test and certifying chain and lever hoists. Coordinated Companies Operations Manager, Bo Kentner, is very optimistic about the continued growth and success of this great company.

Congratulations for 60 years of success!