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Supplying the Widest Variety of Safe, Reliable and Field Tested Wire Rope for Over 65 Years

The broad selection of wire rope, chain slings and lifting chains Coordinated Wire Rope (CWR) offers, combined with highly competitive pricing, a huge inventory of domestic products and our knowledgeable staff, have made us the industry leader for over 65 years. CWR is often called a "full line" rigging loft because, in addition to wire rope, chain slings and lifting chains, we fabricate or sell virtually everything used for lifting, hoisting, pulling and tying down heavy materials. The inimitable breadth, quality, safety and reliability of our field tested products make us the go-to provider for wire rope. CWR offers numerous products within each of the following categories:

  • Wire rope, chain and cordage
  • Slings and lifting products
  • Rigging hardware
  • Safety and fall protection products
  • Transportation/moving products

Specific products Coordinated Wire Rope offers include:

  • Wire Rope - we make the highest quality and safest chain ropes available, suitable for any application
  • Wire Rope Lubricants and Lubricators
  • Wire Rope Slings and Bridles - CWR specializes in the fabrication of wire rope slings in many different sizes and configurations. With experience levels averaging over 20 years, some of the most highly skilled and experienced riggers in the country are on our staff.
  • Flat Rope - CWR is one of the only companies in the United States experienced in fabricating and testing flat rope, offering users several advantages over round wire. Flat rope can be easily repaired and it winds upon itself, ribbon fashion, on a drum slightly wider than the rope and does not spin under load.
  • Chain for All Applications - bulk chain for tie-down and securing loads; alloy for lifting; and specialized chain for boat anchors, lever hoist and chain falls, logging, tuna fishing boats, and others is all available from CWR
  • Nylon Flat Web and Polyester Round Slings - a lightweight, flexible and cost-effective alternative to bulky wire rope and chain slings
  • Polyester Round Slings - our Liftex RoundUp Round Sling easily wraps around any shape and size and grips the load firmly to lift safely, securely and flexibility
  • Crosby Lifting Hardware - CWR only uses and sells the industry's finest Crosby Only grade rigging hardware
  • Lifting Clamps - we use and sell high quality Crosby universal, horizontal, vertical and lifting beam clamps
  • Lever Hoists and Chainfalls - CWR carries Harrington's LB lever series, which offers low headroom and a compact design, and its CF durable and portable hand chain hoists
  • Crane & Snatch Blocks & Overhaul Balls - we use and sell Snatch and Crane blocks, and Overhaul Balls, from McKissick, a company with a reputable 80-year history
  • Lifting & Spreader Beams - lifting and spreader beams are available in multiple lengths and capacities in new, used and surplus condition, as well as for rent
  • Fall Protection - CWR has OSHA and ASME approved harnesses, self-retracting lanyards and grabs in stock to provide the best protection possible to your staff
  • Fiber Ropes/Cordage - we offer a wide variety of specialty ropes, frequently used by marine and marine construction firms
  • Load Securement/Moving Products - a variety of load securement products are in stock to help you secure and transport your load according to federal standards. These include Grade 43 and 70 chain, ratchet and lever binders, various fiber rope, nylon web tie downs, end fittings, D rings, corner protectors, truck winches and ratchet straps.
  • Heavy Equipment Rollers - lift, tug, hoist or move heavy objects using our low profile, high capacity Hilman Rollers

Safety, Testing and Certification of all Products

CWR assembles, tests and certifies all chain slings before delivery to our customers. Inspection, testing and re-certification of any chain sling we provide is done on an annual basis according to OSHA and ASME B30.9 standards.

CWR and CEC (Coordinated Equipment Company) are affiliated with Tension Member Technology (TMT). Only Coordinated Wire Rope offers the combination of world-class expertise and testing services that result in the best, and safest, wire rope slings, chain slings and lifting rigging hardware products.

Don't Leave Safety Hanging by a Thread - Call Coordinated Wire Rope to supply any of your most challenging rigging requirements.