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Crosby Rigging Hardware – Recognized Dependability

The Coordinated Companies represent the Crosby line of rigging hardware because Crosby is considered the standard of the industry– both nationally and internationally. In fact, most contracts involving rigging products in the U.S. and around the world read "Crosby Only" or "Crosby or Equal."

Engineering Excellence in Every Crosby Rigging Hardware Product

The superiority demonstrated in Crosby’s rigging hardware products is built right into the design. The majority of Crosby's rigging products are "Heat Treated." "Heat Treatment" allows the product to deform if overloading occurs–giving warning before ultimate failure. Unlike a heat-treated product, an "As-Forged," or non-heat treated rigging product, will break with little or no warning. This is called a catastrophic failure, resulting from brittleness, or lack of toughness in the non-heat treated product.

Crosby Rigging Hardware Quality Control at the Production Level

One more safety factor that insures that reliability of every Crosby rigging hardware product: The majority of steel purchased by Crosby is isolated from production until approved by their metallurgical lab. Then, each rigging product manufactured is individually "Pic Coded" (Product Identification Code) to allow traceability to its respective date of production and material certification.

Crosby Rigging Hardware Durability: Built to Withstand the Toughest Conditions

Crosby rigging hardware products are manufactured with the highest design factors in the industry. Because of the improved impact and fatigue characteristics designed into each item of the line, Crosby’s products are better able to withstand abusive field conditions. Crosby recognizes the importance of all four of these essential properties in all its rigging hardware products:

  • Working Load Limit
  • Ductility
  • Fatigue
  • Toughness

With all these safety features, it's no wonder contracts involving rigging products in the U.S. and around the world read "Crosby Only" or "Crosby or Equal." Contact us today and let CWR support your Crosby Rigging Hardware needs.