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15 | Heavy Equipment Rollers

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Heavy Equipment Rollers

Hilman Rollers are low profile, high capacity moving devices that can be used to move a multitude of things. Ranging in size from small machinery to entire bridges, buildings and offshore oil rigs; Hilman Rollers have moved some of the largest objects in the world.

Used as a temporary means for moving a heavy structure, repetitively in assembly line applications or as a permanent installation on board an oil rig; Hilman Rollers are known throughout the world for their durability. All Hilman Rollers utilize the endless chain principle, which features a chain of steel rolls capable of rotating around a central load bearing steel plate. The result is a product that performs as a low friction, high capacity conveyor.

Often referred to as rollers, dollies, skates, machinery movers and turtles; Hilman has become a brand name when referring to this type equipment. All Hilman Rollers are rated in metric tons and carry a safety factor of at least 2 to 1.

When considering using rollers to complete your project there are several things that need to be considered. A check list of the following will help your Coordinated representative determine the exact Hilman product you will need to execute your job quickly and safely:

  • What do you wish to move
  • What is the weight of the object
  • What are the dimensions of the object
  • Where’s the objects center of gravity
  • How many contact points does the object have
  • Where are the contact points located on the object
  • How will the rollers be attached
  • What is the safety factor required
  • What is the distance of each move
  • What will be the actual rolling surface

Whether you are moving .05 tons or 1,000+ tons, we can help you select the right tool for the job every time. Coordinated is your source for lifting, hoisting, tugging or moving heavy objects.

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