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07 | Tuffy HP Round Slings

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High Performance Fiber Round Slings

The idea of making lifting slings from High performance fibers came out of the discovery of a para-aramid fiber Kevlar® invented by a DuPont scientist in the 1960’s. The same fiber that was used in bulletproof vests was the first fiber to be used in making lifting slings that were 5 times stronger than steel and 1/10th the weight.

Since those days, many years ago, ways to strengthen those aramid fibers and make them more reliable as a lifting product have changed the lifting industry dramatically. High Performance fiber slings allow for cranes to make heavier lifts because the slings themselves add so little to the total weight of the lift.

High Performance fiber slings are lightweight, flexible, easily stored, and repairable and do not fail catastrophically as do wire rope, chain, nylon or polyester slings. The unique characteristic of these fibers is they do not retain energy. So when pulled to destruction the fiber just falls away without recoil.

The initial cost of these slings are more than traditional wire rope slings but there are a number of factors that actually make them a much better value in the long run. Lighter slings require less riggers, less equipment, less room for storage and have the same stretch as a wire rope sling. Crane operators love these slings because the load is much easier to control.

Because high performance fiber slings are synthetic, they require protection from cutting, pinching, edges, corners, high heat or flame. TuffyHP slings maintain good properties even in environments up to 350°F. Make sure to use proper size hooks, shackles and hardware with high performance fiber slings. Do not drag slings across the ground or set a load on top of slings. Always rig the sling away from the tag.

TuffyHP, High Performance Round Slings

TuffyHP, High Performance Round Slings
No gimmicks, just performance

TuffyHP round slings combine the superior flexibility of the Flexi-Grip with custom high strength fibers that make up the TuffyHP to give you a lighter, stronger, less bulky, flexible lifting sling to accommodate a wide variety of difficult loads. The flexibility and compact size promote rigging speed and allow for easy storage and transportation.

Superior materials produce exceptional results

TuffyHP round slings are manufactured using the same proven and familiar process used for over 10 years in the Flexi-Grip product line, but now with the introduction of engineered, high-performance inner custom high strength fibers, encased in an abrasive resistant jacket, high performance round slings take on a whole new level of lifting capabilities.

Heat Resistance

When using TuffyHP round slings, you should avoid temperatures above 158°. However, for those environments that require heat resistance up to 350°, we offer a full line of high heat resistant, high performance round slings with the same capacities as our TuffyHP round slings.

Unsurpassed Strength to Weight Ratio

TuffyHP round slings exhibit super high strength when compared to other sling materials of the same weight. TuffyHP slings are 8 times as strong as steel and 3 times as strong as polyester or nylon. Lower overall sling weights result in faster rigging times, increased rigger safety during transport and the rigging process, and a higher load capacity per lift since less weight is required for the sling itself.

Sling fatigue & stretch resistance

The TuffyHP round sling has a longer service life when compared to other high strength slings and maintains a stretch factor of less that 1% at its rated capacity. This enables precise load control that minimizes adjustments for stretch and reduces headroom problems of your lift

Chemical resistance

The high performance custom high strength fibers used in TuffyHP round slings exhibit high resistance to both acids and alkalis as well as organic solvents. They are also stable against seawater and steam and show good hydrolytic resistance.

Adjustable wear pads & safety - all standard

In addition to the already tough exterior, TuffyHP round slings all receive two heavy duty adjustable wear pads to protect lifting eyes and to increase abrasion resistance. For maximum visibility and safety, each sling is stenciled with the model number which easily identifies the vertical lifting capacity and is tagged with full capacities and usage information.

Specifications and Rated in Pounds
Web Color Model no. Approx. body diameter in Inches Approx. body wt./ ft. pounds
Minimum Hardware Diameter in Inches Minimum Contact Width in Inches
Orange TuffyHP-10 1.00 0.28 10,000 8,000 20,000 0.75 1.62
Orange TuffyHP-15 1.25 0.41 15,000 12,000 30,000 1.00 2.00
Orange TuffyHP-20 1.25 0.47 20,000 16,000 40,000 1.00 2.00
Orange TuffyHP-30 1.50 0.78 30,000 24,000 60,000 1.25 2.62
Orange TuffyHP-40 2.25 1.08 40,000 32,000 80,000 1.62 3.50
Orange TuffyHP-50 2.25 1.15 50,000 40,000 100,000 1.62 3.50
Orange TuffyHP-60 2.50 1.36 60,000 48,000 120,000 1.88 4.00
Orange TuffyHP-70 2.50 1.52 70,000 56,000 140,000 1.88 4.00
Orange TuffyHP-90 3.00 1.97 90,000 72,000 180,000 2.12 4.50
Orange TuffyHP-100 3.00 2.12 100,000 80,000 200,000 2.12 4.50
Orange TuffyHP-120 3.50 2.52 120,000 96,000 240,000 2.50 5.12
Orange TuffyHP-150 3.50 3.01 150,000 120,000 300,000 2.50 5.12