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06 | Polyester Round Slings

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Polyester Round Slings

Polyester round slings are synthetic slings made by filling a polyester tube or tubes with continuous strands of polyester fiber to reach a given capacity. The higher the capacity of the sling the more strands of polyester fiber that needs to be inserted into the tube.

The color of the outer tube of the sling generally represents the capacity of the sling. Always check the tag for the actual capacity of the sling. It is unsafe to assume that all slings of the same color have the same lifting capacities.

Because polyester round slings are made from synthetic materials, they are subject to cutting, pinching, punctures, abrasion, and burns. OSHA/ANSI B30.9 warns that these slings should not be used in ambient temperatures exceeding 180°F. Wear and cut protection should always be readily available in case of unexpected potential hazards. Be careful of weld splatter and never set the load down on top of the slings.

Polyester round slings must have a tag clearly stating the capacity, length, manufacturer name or logo and date of manufacture. If the tag is missing or internal fiber is visible, the sling must be removed from service.

Tuffy Flexi-Grip® Round Slings

Tuffy Flexi-Grip® Round Slings

Economical answer to difficult loads

We've combined "flexible" and grip" to give you Flexi-Grip®, the round sling that lifts many other types of slings can't. The Flexi-grip wraps easily around just about any shape and size and grips the load with ease, hugs it tight (especially in a choker hitch) and lifts with security and flexibility like no other.

All-polyester construction

the all-polyester construction of Tuffy Flexi-grips virtually eliminates moisture absorption, rot and mildew for long service life. They feature a relatively low stretch (3%) and returns to original length.

Polyester also offers good resistance to common industrial acids (except concentrated sulfuric acid) and hot bleaching solutions. You can use Flexi-grip slings in the presence of many common chemicals such as alochol, dry cleaning solvent, hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, ketones, crude oil, lubricating oils, soaps, detergents, seawater and weak alkalis. When using Flexi-grips you should avoid temperatures above 194°F or below -40°F, sharp edges, overloading, and strong alkalis.

Color-coded by capacity

Every Flexi-grip sling is encased in a color-coded double-layer polyester jacket which protects the internal load-bearing fiber from abrasion and wear while protecting against ultraviolet degradation.

Inspect your sling's regularly

Before each lift (as you would do with any sling), visually inspect your Flexi-grip and your TuffyHP Round Sling for any damage. Remove sling from service if you see:

  • Missing or illegible identification tag
  • Melting, charring, weld spatter, acid or alkali burns
  • Holes, tears, cuts, embedded particles, abrasive wear or snags that expose the sling's core yarns.
  • Fittings that are damaged, stretched, cracked, pitted or distorted in any way.
  • Any visual damage causeing doubt as to the sling's strength
  • Sling being loaded beyond its rated capacity.
  • Round slings are not designed for turning or shifting loads.

Failure to follow proper care, use and inspection criteria may result in personal injury. Do not exceed rated capacities.

Specifications and Rated in Pounds
Color Code Model no. Approx. body diameter in inches Approx. body wt./ ft. pounds
Minimum Hardware Diameter in Inches Minimum Contact Width in Inches
Purple TuffyFG-0600 0.60 0.30 2,600 2,100 5,200 0.50 1.00
Green TuffyFG-0800 0.80 0.40 5,300 4,200 10,600 0.62 1.25
Yellow TuffyFG-1000 1.00 0.50 8,400 6,700 16,800 0.75 1.62
Tan TuffyFG-1200 1.20 0.60 10,600 8,500 21,200 0.88 1.75
Red TuffyFG-1300 1.30 0.80 13,200 10,600 26,400 1.00 2.00
White TuffyFG-1400 1.40 0.90 16,800 13,400 33,600 1.12 2.12
Blue TuffyFG-1550 1.55 1.20 21,200 17,000 42,400 1.25 2.62
Orange TuffyFG-1750 1.75 1.50 25,000 20,000 50,000 1.25 2.88
Orange TuffyFG-1950 1.95 2.00 31,000 24,800 62,000 1.50 3.12
Black TuffyFG-2350 2.35 5.80 40,000 32,000 80,000 1.62 3.50
Black TuffyFG-3150 3.15 3.60 53,000 42,400 106,000 1.88 4.00
Black Tuffy-FG 3950 3.95 4.60 66,000 52,800 132,000 2.12 4.50
Black TuffyFG-4800 4.80 5.80 90,000 72,000 180,000 2.50 5.12